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Ones first impulse is to kiss what? ... To kiss the lips. Firm, delicious lips, sweet lips ... surrounding a warm, moist, dizzingly scented mouth. That's what everyone wants to kiss
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08/25/2005 10:30:18 PM
so i have seen like four dead bugs tonight so ya did you know for each person there is about 200 million insects.....ya me neither now i wish i lived in a bubble cuz that would save me from meeting my 200 million insects especially since they scare me and the first reaction to them whether the are dead or alive is to scream jump and run

i wish i was diglot that would be awesome it would def help with a lot of things and sorry guys i am not explaining that one cuz i just love the word DIGLOT

so beej and erik are rhinotillexomaniac try to say that word ten times fast well try just saying that word period and to think it is just a fancy word for picking your nose

i am social phobia, hemaphobia, erythrophobia, bogyphobia, merinthophobia, taphephobia, tocophobia, pnigophobia, vestiophobia (hehe that one is fear of clothes i would go naked no doubt), coulrophobia, agiophobia, koinoniphobia, demophobia, nyctophobia, decidophobia, dentophobia, the list is way to long and there is no way i would make it through it and not fall asleep....

so i def noticed i like to express myself out loud even though there might not be someone there to listen and supposedly so does everyone else does to because on average, you speak almost 5,000 words a day - although almost 80% of speaking is talking to yourself hehe interesting are you bored yet

well there is more to come so over the last 150 years the average height of people in industrialised nations increased by 4 in so that means my kids unless i marry a very tall guy my kids have the hope of their kids kids and maybe even one more kids put there will be four inches taller than me thats not to much huh ya so i need a tall guy but that would mean a large baby and my god that would hurt down there

this is for the smaller busted girls out there hippocrates the father of medicine suggested that a woman could enlarge her bust line by singing loudly and often well i am telling you i am never gunna sing again and if it is it is going to be softly

so girls shed 70 hairs a day thats a lot of hair well and guys shed 40 guess i should mention the guys even though i am a little annoyed with a guy especially when he does finally call me it for a phone number and another guys at that maybe i should be worried actually to make it worse it was my little brother's phone number cuz he was going to help him out well what the hell shouldn't he want to help me with something gah guys can be stupid i need to stop getting my hopes up that the next one will be smarter cuz they won't maybe i should just forget guys my age and go for the older guys

why do you think when blink twice as much as men that doesn't make since why wouldn't it be the same? and did you know everyone has a unique tongue print? now thats one we don't hear often and it makes me excited hmmmm think about this my big eyes are the same size as they were when i was born think of how big they must have seemed then WOW.....
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HaHa Wow Erin.. you never cease to amaze me. I totally loved that entry and I laughed like the whole way through. Thanks for making my day.
» BeeJay on 2005-08-26 01:48:31

My first reaction to bugs.. I look at 'em funny. People always stop what they're doing and watch buggies fly around, I always face the front and focus on smething else.. I dunno..
» Dilated on 2005-08-26 07:41:55

Certainly. All above told the truth.
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